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New layout new room

Mike R

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I have now completed my move from the small room downstairs to a larger one upstairs

I have put about 20 new shelves on all walls and a one level new layout which i am still working on with underneath storage for the ones I cant fit on the shelf or layout.

Here is some pics to view hope you like them .

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Hi guys

the size of my layout is 90 inches long x 45 inches wide and about 30 inches off the ground.which is about the right hieght to reach most of it.

I also have a small additional field which is 50 inches x 24 inches which you cant see on the pictures yet.

Yes Ben thats the Siku sweeper in the yard.


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It may be smaller because the old one had lots of fields

mainly swopped rooms for extra wall space to display my tractors etc around 20 shelves

I prefer them out of the boxes but I have never had any room until now.

Dwain called round in the week when I was building it.

the shelves and basic construction cost me under ?100 to build.and 4 evenings to build

but later in the year when I am not so busy I am going to build a large layout in the loft just waiting for a builder to put a window in the roof. approximate size 20ft x 20 ft which a square left out in the middle for access to the layout.

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Well done Mike.... it's looking very nice now mate.... I agree with you... can't stand to see tractors in their boxes... get em out I say... the only problem is dust I guess - Mrs F's makeup brushes are great for dusting small bits it has to be said  ;)

i was round mike's this week and i have to say even though his models were out on show thay were pretty dust free

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