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When arranging tractors on the Shelf do you ?

Mike R

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Do you put them out in the manufacturers groups UH Britains etc or do you put them out in makes fendt, Ford Mf etc

I have put mine out now in Makes I think its nice to see what you have in each group reguardless of who made them

What do you like ?

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Agree with you Mike..... I'm not fussed about who makes them... just what brand they are does it for me.. although... I am a little limited in my collection of MF... and... er.... MF  :-[

You forgott aaother one marky      Come on admit it

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Complete mix and match of tractor make and sort of the same for model manufacturer except I notice most of the older Ertl stuff is all in one spot on the shelf and all the UH is under glass keeping dust an' sticky mitts off. DBP stuff is in its own glass case too.

Quite a bit of UH stuff is still in boxes ( :-[ :'() while I try to negotiate with Mrs TOG for display cabinet space..............

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In a big pile in the attic  :D

But eventually in order of make, probably alphabetically too, Claas, Fendt, Ford, John Deere, MF's, New Holland etc etc!

same here :D :D :D

not sure what i would do though, probably just display my favourites :-\ :-\

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All the older models up to the late 1980's that are without boxes are in the cabinet in sort of order of make. The rest are neatly stacked or packed in big boxes in a spare room.  The only real order I have them in is a list by manufacturer on the computer, this way I can open the list to see what Iv'e already got when veiwing the likes of Ebay to make sure that I don't 'double up' too much, trouble is, when you got so much, you can soon loose track!

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