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MODEL OF THE MOMENT.... The Martyn Reeve 1080 ~ and the real deal

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Now then... check out this little baby... To me Martyn Reeve is the "un-sung hero" of massey Model builders... You will have already seen Martyn's 165 in a previous "MOM"... and just like this model... this 1080 is simply superb in detail...

So in true "MOM" style... lets take a look at the model first before we examine the "real deal" ...

So... a few shots...



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Even the front weights come off to reveal a highly accurate frame underneath....

This is the last shot of the model... I believe Martyn does a cabbed version as well... fingers crossed there will be one at Spalding ready to purchase  ;D

Martyn... if your'e looking... I take my hat off to you.. thanks for a SUPERB model  ;)


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Now then... the real thing...

As you know I am a "die-hard" MF Fan... and much as I love the look of the 1080... it wasn't the best tractor MF ever made... it suffered from some reliability problems with the engine... especially the cylinder head... they tried to fix the problem with a MKII version a few years on from it's release... but sadly to no avail...

None-the-less... the 1080 was a brute of a tractor in it's day... it was the fore-runner of the MF595 (which, incidently was launched in the UK some time before the rest of the 500 series range)..

Originating in America initially... our European model was built in France  :)

Here is the USA version of the 1080... in "Western" style



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