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Filling joints in plastruct/plasticard



I've just been making a floorpan for a model and had to fill in a few joints along the way, I thought it would be good to share with you lot!

As you can see in the picture I have made some angled joints and am now left with a gap where the parts meet, it is a simple process to fill the gaps and worth the extra bit of time to get a better finished article.

I've taken a small dia plastruct rod and cut it slightly longer than the joint I want to fill;


Add a good amount of plastic weld to the joint to fill it up and then position the rod in the gap;



Add more plasticweld to the joint and leave for half a minute, just enough time for the solvent to soften the plastic... then gently press the rod into the joint.


I have four joints to do on this part so I have filled them all, now leave them to harden off, an hour will be long enough in most cases.


Once you are happy that the joint has hardened off you can file the joint flat with a fine grade file.


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Top bloke for sharing that with us all Jase, a clever little trick. Can think of a situation where I could use this. Whether I ever get myself far enough up the building machinery ladder to get into the said siuation is another story though!!  :D

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