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Well as most of you know I work for an agricultural contractor.

I mainly hauled silage, although have a couple of days with the bale boys, and spread alot of dung.

On my first couple of days I had a John Deere 6210 (racer) and a Griffiths 10T trailer, I was new, it was ok, it's all that mattered, here's some pics.



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Then on day 4 I had a promotion and got the 55 reg New Holland Ts115-A, opened up to 140hp (when you pull the hand throttle fully back to tip a trailer there was a lot of black smoke  ;D) I then got given my own trailer to use all summer. So had to clean and maintain it. There are 3 teams, C,B,A c is like starting team, new drivers and that, B is progressing and A is the top drivers that do all the big jobs. I had moved up to B team, and was along a 52 reg JD 6750 chopper.



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Fleet consists of:


Deere 6210

John Deere 6320 x 5

John Deere 6420s

John Deere 6520 x 6

John Deere 6820

John Deere 6920s

New Holland TS115-A

Deutz Agrotron 150

Fendt 818


John Deere 3200


JCB Farmmaster 414s

Sprayer: Kellands Agribuggy


John Deere 7300

John Deere 6750 x2


John Deere 2256

John Deere 2254 Hillmaster

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great pics luke, so is it maily summer work your doing for now??? then collage over winter or have they got work for you all year round

Summer work mostly, might haul a bit of maize in the next week or so depending on college timetable.

But back to college for winter, leave in June and may go to NZ for a bit, then come back and work here for a bit.

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