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Volvoman-My Collection


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Thanks for the comments guys-in answer to the various questions-

1) The plough nearest the front on the first photo-no that is what is known as a packing case box and slides in and out on a plinth-from the late 60's.

2) I would consider selling individual items as well as the whole collection.

3) I have been collecting for sometime as some as you may have guessed-some are childhood aquisitions some later.

4) Apart from some very minor paint chips on only some of the models all of them are in mint condition.I have replaced the acetate on a couple of the implement boxes as accurately as possible.

5)The motors on the powerfarm models were working last time I checked them.

6) The Picture with the straw box models the -one is a MF595 the other is a genuine MF590.

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