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well have been thinking of doing one of these for ages so had a spare hour the other night and a 7530 and fergie in stock. not finished yet but thought as i haven't posted for a while i would post it to see what you think. still needs steering wheel mudgaurds painted and cab tweaked. have a pma32 front hitch but don't know if i will fit it.


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yep i think i will fit the front hitch the tractor isn't stuck togetheir yet so i will strip it down andfit the hitch. should have it finished this week before i go to agri tech. bought two of those hitches one for a model of my real 6820 at home. the hitches are so like the dagenhart hitch is is uncanny.

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looks really good pete I was thinking of doing one as a first attempt at a convo but was a bit sceptical that the 30 series bonnet would be too high and rear arches too wide but it definatley isn't and it looks spot on scale wise, are u happy with the mf style wheels?  :)

you have to raise the the cab on some plastic to give it clearance for the rear wheels. solid wheels would have been better but this was what was on hand. i am really happy with it it givs me a 4 cylinder tractor to work the 4 furrow and pull a trailer. the 6420s that i built is in netherton tractor on the head mechanics desk so needed another to replace it. 

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thanks for all the comments so far will post some more pics tonight as i have done a little more. contacted henry walker and hopefuly he will be making 6430 graphic's 45mm long in the next couple of weeks.

Hope for you he has time for it!

Because next week is Zwolle! and there are a lot off people that order parts and decals to pic them up in Zwolle!

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ye sent him an e mail he has been getting orders ready thats why he said it would be a couple of weeks pitty as its the graphics that give the finishing touch.

I know what you mean mate!

I must make me an order list to but i don't want to pic it up at Zwolle, just because i take some money whit me! And want to spend that on models that i want to buy!

I know my self and if i find some models that i want i think it is a pitty that i just spended the money on parts and decals!

So just order it whit the mail!

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