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thought Cat sold the challenger name/crawler to Agco and was not apart of Agco?

      Well spotted there Bluepower, Challenger is a AGCO company , not Caterpillar, since Cat sold the Challenger tradename and product line only, to AGCO. Cat still supply engines and some components for the challenger tractors.

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Although only a concept I think the Manufacturers are missing an oppurtunity here, especially AGCO. We at college did the old wheel versus track field tests with a MF230 and and old Bristol Taurus of about 30hp. ... ploughing wise the BT pulled 4f on brash and the 230 just the 2, 3 gave too much wheel slip.

If a simple test like this can show the result surely crawlers of about 150hp would be of huge appeal to sub 1000ac farms instead of 200+hp wheeled giants?

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