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35x in 1:32 scale... First FTF review...

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The chains are a little too big on the rear... Link arms arn't that great either...


Bonnet does come up though... although the air cleaner is fixed to it... unlike the 1:16 scale which lifts off... I guess it's too small and fiddly in fairness to do this in 32nd scale


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Ooo I wish they had changed those wheels  ::)


And here is where she will stay...


Now then... In summary.... I think it's a cracking model... I'm not disappointed in this little model at all... if I were looking to find faults I'd say the steering is poor.... the chains on the rear are a little too large... the linkarms look and feel cheap... and the wheels are wrong as were the 1:16 scale version...

I suspect we will see a yellow version... but it won't be anything to do with me sadly  :-[

I'll give this model the thumbs up... lets say 8 out of 10 - and a well done UH.... I can't wait to see you do the 135

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Tomorow going to purchase this model at Zwolle and Maybe the two 135's to!

I hope i can find the 5480 to for a nice price but iff they ask big money i will buy it later (i do have patience you know! :P;))

But it is a great model mate are they in the dealer boxes! ???

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Very Very nice Marky :P :P :P :P must get me one of them to go on massey farm.

I think it's a must have Mark...  ;)

mmm...not a bad little model by the looks of it, looks good for a display model (even with the faults you've pointed out) just a shame theres no drawbar or hook on it would have looked good wirt the siku fergi trailer on the back

yes thats another thing missing Mark... shame really  :-\ - i wold say this is NOT a carpet farming model  :(
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Thanks for posting pics Marky,me thinks that will look good on my ifor williams trailer pulled by a 90.

As you mentioned the lack of a hook is the only thing thats disappointed me as the renault  can take a fert spreader I think.

Also nice to see more massey models from UH  :)

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