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Schl?ter PROFI TRAC 3500 TVL (scratchbuilt on UH XERION chassis!)finished!!!!!

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It where a couple off day's quiet around me but i didnt sat stil!

I begon on my 3rd schl?ter and this is one off the bigger one's

First the drawing that i made off the tractor in scale 1:32 and the scetshes!

And then a few pics of how far i am whit the model!



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very good idea to build it on an UH Xerion chassis..... looks to me like it fits ther original perfectly.

Best Regards from Germnay (Schl?ter Country  ;) )

Thanks Fendt 936 Driver!

I went to Norh?rn this year and made lots off photo's and take some mesurement's off some schl?ters!

What a Beasts these are :o :o IN REAL LIFE!

And they are realy good in construction!No problems but verry verry expensive!

are you making the whole of the bodywork out of  Plastruct? it is going to look  :o :o when its finished

Thanks mate!

The most will be made out off plastic plate,and i also going to use balsa wood for the stair blocks (maybe plastic plate but i am not shure!)

But i have 2weeks vacation whit christmas and then i have a lot off time to do some work on it! ;D

I also begon on the rest of the bonnet today and that's a fast progress must make one side and then i can put it together!

So maybe tomorw a update!

Greatings Johny MF

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WOW!  :o :o :o

Very good Johny!

Thanks guy's

Did some work on the bonnet today i didnt came as far off what i expected!


Maybe tomorow some pics off the bonnet Because the batery's off my camera are deaht :-X

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What you're gonna GIVE me it?? cool thanks  ;D ;D

shurrree................................................HELL NO.............................................. ;)

This one is a model that i won't be doing twice!

What a head breaking project still working out some plans of how i am going to do it :-[

And the UH Xerion is not verry cheap (this one i got for free :D;D) and also the plastic plate and parts!so this would be a verry expensive model!!!

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Looking good Jonny kep up the good work ;)

very nice johny  :) well done  :)

Thanks guy's  ;)

Here is an update again :-X

Did some work on the chassis today

Made the front off the chassis and one side off the chassis!(that it looks much bigger/massive)

Did it whit plastic plate must work on the front whit sand paper to make it the right shape but the beggining is there!

Here are the pics ;)



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