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2x MF 8160's Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just made the paper pathern  for the bonnet

I always do that because i can look how it looks like when i make the side off the bonnet from plastic

By doing this i can ajust it (the look/shape off the bonnet!)whitout trowing away the expensive plastic plate i use for my bonnets!

This is the look of the model whit the paper bonnet!

So what do you think is this the wright shape for this type off tractor ???



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The old one is 5mm higher then the new one!

I can adjust the chassis the same way as my 7495 and then the bonnet lowers about 4 a5mm!

here is a photo to comparis the two bonnet's above the new one and 2nd one is the old one!

The new one is fast drawing and i will make a new one whit that hight!


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try that first mate, the origoanl looks right bar the height, the actual size may well be right, just drop it down the chassis slightly

think i would do that sean

I remember that they where al saying something the same whit my MF7495 But when it where finished (lowerd the bonnet on the chassis)

they all sayd  :o :o :o :o This one looks great/perfect!

Could be the same whit this project ???

And iff i look at the Photo's of MF6265 the bonnet asks to be lowerd compared to the frontwheels and compared to the cab!

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deff the origonal one ,but lower down the chassis?? certainly looks better shape wise ect than the second

Lucky for me that i have a DREMEL ;D

Thanks Sean

OH sorry mate just read it good i ment to lower only the bonnet

That will i do to cut something off on top off the chassis

I won't lower the chassis!

Sorry mate

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lot better mate,bar the big fingers that is :D :D :D :D :D

My girlfriend alway's say to me you have BIG STRONG HANDS HUNNY :D;D

She alway's want to fight me and loses because i take her rist's together whit one hand and then i have one hand free and she has none! ;D:D

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bonnet looks great now, can you drop the cab a tad as the gap between the wheel and rear mudguards looks big :-\  the model is great, the second bonnet you did could make a 8220 xtra ;)

where thinking the same about the cab!

Started it today so must do alot off work on these two!

Tomorow i won't be abel to do something about it because its my BIRTHDAY ;D

But when i have the time i'll be working on these 2 and ofcourse my schl?ters!

But the cab and rear fenders will be LOWERD! ;)

(and about the second bonnet i just trowed that away :-[:-X)

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  Looking good so far Johny, you also need to get rid of the diesel tank and build a new one behind the cab for a 8100 Massey.

Where thinking the same Allis

its just a start what ive done on the models so


Here is a list off plans what i am going to do!

Loose the siku front hitch and replace that one by a UH Atles hitch (already orderd!)

Cut off the tank from the chassis and make a new one on the back off the cab!

Customize the interior!(thinking off using the 8280 interior!)

Maybe chaince the tyres whit UH Atles wheel (not shure iff that works!)

Make the bonnet from plastic plate

Adjust the chassis

And want to chainse the stairs because the Britains MF6290 stairs are to small!

That would be the plan in headlines! 

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