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Joys of GPS


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GPS for road have spped cameras marked on them

maybe gps for fields should have pylons marked on them

Now i understand the help of gps for crop monitoring yields etc, and for very wide implements like this one

but dealer keeps trying to sell us auto steer. . . .Me and Dad are like whats the point???

The day we cannot plough straight, or sow straight is the day the farm sells . . . . . . Its all part of the bloody fun isn't it!!!!

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your right there Ricky, they had that autosteer being shown on the tillage 2007 program, looks impressive but you lose the fun!!

anyway i wondered where JDMad had gone! :D :D :D :D :D::)

So if your'e sat in a 200 ha field and going up and down all day, it is great and if you see it on a 30 ft combine you will know it makes sense.

I agree, some applications not, most, yes

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