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Vintage tractor Part prices.


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At any of the auctions or "roups" as we call them in Scotland I attend you always find anything Ferguson commands good money.

Personally I think these fergie guys must have too much money to spend  ;D ;D

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Fergie parts always do make fair money, it's no different down here. At rallies and auction sales people go stupid in my opinion considering the amount of grey Fergy equipment there is around, I would say the most common make of parts around, even Sparex supplies most parts new, if you have the main castings of a T20, from the parts that Sparex supply, you can build a brand new one.

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At least Ford and Ferguson bits are easier to find....you try finding parts for early Nuffields, took us 3 years to source one part for the one restored and when we wanted spark plugs for it they were ?16 each :o :o

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