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FTF Stand at Spalding - We need your help!


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We are in the process of planning the FTF stand for the Spalding show, and as ever, we want to broadcast what Farm Toys Forum is all about, as good a way as possible!

As always we will be having a Farm layout display, with Graham very kindly donating us a shed once again (images to come soon!).

We also want to provide visitors a chance to see some of your own models on the display, this may include, customisations, or scratch builds you have done. If you are interested in donating one of your models for the day, please email me, or send me a PM.

As well as presenting FTF's limited edition models, we will also be showcasing the TTT limited IH models, along with some of FTF's members more fragile custom builds.

There will be a powerpoint display, raffle prize draw and plenty of flyers and cards to pick up, and of course, the usual exceptional selection of cakes, kindly provided by my sister  ;)

We will have a few admin members helping out on the day, but if you fancy pitching yourself, and holding the FTF fort for a period of time on the day, or indeed, plan to come down on saturday, any help is very much appreciated.

Again, PM me with your interest.

Many thanks and hope to see plenty of you on the day!

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Andy can I trust you with my pride and joy MAN drawbar lorry?:D

Not sure I want it on my layout this time yet. . . when I get in my mind what Leverets Farm will be doing for Spalding I will let you know for defo. Think Jez is mega keen to show his workshop by the way. ;)

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I'm disappointed that I can't help this time... unless Simon can be pursuaded to man HLT for 5 mins that is.... :-\

I know... praps I can sell raffle tickets... ;D

PS (but don't trust me with the winning numbers okay ::))

did you ever find them??? ???::)

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I will try and help out in any way i can ANDY that is if im going as i want to

but the luck ive been having the last 6 weeks i cant see if im going either way

yet we have had a very bad start to the year with work,transport,and family health oh and I.T  issues      :'( :-\ :-\ >:( >:( :(  but im working on comming across to spaling to take my mind off things  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) cheers one and all

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Now that only happened the once... and you did remark very quickly that you'd love to try being a girl for a day :D :D

well dont expect it to happen when i drive up to spalding mate the eye fluttering tat is, and you aint getting in the car dressed as a bird either after mandys comments :D :D :D :D :D

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have some pics of the building for the spalding raffle ,genral purpose building with two bay workshop and bunded fuel tank, tractor just there for the scale , base board is 600x400 , would like to make it up there one year






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