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At work with MX DRIVER


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HAHA both mate ha ha!

i will get some of the job it does its crap ha ha! only spreads about 10ft wide and not very even mate

i have to spread at 12mph to get it kind of even

i been hauling to one of our fields its 11 miles from where i load so far i have took 76 loads and not quite done half of the field

the place i get the crap from is a feedlot here where i live 10,000 head of cattle we can have as much crap as we want for free we just got to take it away

the ground here could use it  so we try and take as much as we can

that loader is good to drive though it has some power i wanted my wife to video me loading but as usual she was late and i got the truck loaded by the time she brought my dinner


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well we had to take the old one up there plus they wanted the tractor  to set up the new one

also we dont have anything big enough to unload it it weighs a ton

even with them weights on and the assist wheels on the back of the planter it still was light on the front

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Were pretty much notill so we dont need a lot of hp our biggest is the mx270 that pulls  the 7 leg subsoiler 32 ft discks 30 cultivator and the 30 ft no till seed drill

i cant remember  what the hp is of an 8310 is

we will get really busy here pretty soon

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it was already there mate the boss took it up with the old planter about a month ago or so alls i had to do is drive her home took me about 3 hrs or so but i kept to the gravel roads most of the way back as not to mess with the trafic took me about an hr to get really comftable driving it as the first 10 mins i was

sh!ting myself


yea we combine most of it we only chop it for silage if its gona be a cr@p crop we have a 2 row trailed jd chopper

we didnt cut any last year  but the year before it was a drought so the maize didnt have any ears on it so we chopped a lot of acres we had a bloke in with a 880 claas and a kemper header

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