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ROS Dangreville trailer


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Well when i saw this model being released by ROS i immediatly smiled and said to myself 'im having one of those'. I myself am a fan of big French and German set ups and prefer seeing machinery working in France and Germany to England so saw a few of these and similiar models in France especially. So after a few weeks waiting for it to be released and saving up etc it arrived today, in a box the size of London  ;)

Firstly it is presented very nicely in a Dangreville unique box, which i personally enjoy, others may think im sad but i like to see a nice box, just gives the model an extra something. The box on the back has images and all the technical information which is good, but in French  ;) Heres a picture of some of the box:


After removing from the box the first thing we notice is the general weight and size of this, let me tell you it isn't small  ;) Its not majorly heavy, although its one of the heavier pieces, just a bit heavier than a Siku Claas Lexion 600 to give you some idea  ;) Heres a few general overall shots and then we'll go a bit further in depth:




Then we go into some of the finer details, PTO for example ( not fully assembled byself but gives you the idea  ;) ) and some hoses etc



Mesh and a window at the front of the trailer


A ladder on the outside..


And on the inside, nice touch


And also a few opening parts


Now we move slightly back, we have the wheels, all there own steering  ;)


And the tailgate


And this is a winner for me, lovely touch!




And the hydraulics or whatever underneath


So its a very detailed model, all decals are very well stuck on, the paint work is well i have no complaints and all small bits are firmly attached and do not look too fragile.

So lets compare its size to some other models  ;)

First up old stlye flat bed:


Britains flat bed:


Siku Krampe: ( Dangreville without grain sides )


Claas Lexion:


Claas Xerion ( my biggest tractor  :-[ )


So thats about it really, on the whole its a very sturdy and well built piece with no real problems that are blindingly obvious, im not sure the hydraulics hold up by themself and the stand to hold the trailer up when unattached to a tractor is flimby but works, a few minor chips but everyelse is fine. A beast of a model, will take up lots of space but is worth its money and a good addition to any shelf or diorama  ;) Maybe even carpet farms, but the model is a bit delicate and kids may drop it  :D

My rating 9.5/10  :) Chuffed with it  :)

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Thanks everyone, it was a pleasure doing it, my first actually i would like to do more and i have plans to buy the extremely similiar 'La Campagne' from UH to do a kind of trailer battle comparison  :) So keep eyes peeled for that, thanks for the words lads  :)

Yeah Mart, i think that ROS are certainly getting better all the time, they released the odd bits and pieces and then came along the Merlos and then those Ferabali ( or something ) balers with the Joskin rake and the Fiat and now the two Joskin trailers and this, i think they are getting very close in detail if not identical in detail to UH. I look forward to seeing more from ROS  :)

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thanks for that nick, its deff a monstor aint it, looks about right for the xerion mind, but anything smaller would struggle i would say

A monster indeed Sean, and yeah i tried the Valtra T infront of it and it looked more like a Valtra C, i had to check the box just incase  :D I've tried the Xerion and the McCormick ZTX on the front, the ZTX doesn't look too bad but i think i'll either stick with the Xerion or invest in a John Deere 8530, or something big  :)

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Brillaint write up Nick, I keep looking at it a windering about it. .. the Lexion 600 needs something like this to haul away it's loads. I love that under floor tipping gear too, that looks greta. All the little touches finish it off a treta, the tarp box, hoses, pto, ladder, grain slides. .. Excellent.

Maybe one day. .. Seem to be overpsending in the week before Spalding thought!!

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Thanks alot guys, Steve im not so sure conversionists can afford to cut alot of these up  ;) Thanks Sascha im still finding bits and bobs all the time, i think the grain slides come out so you have one massive hole in the tail gate? But im not sure, but so many nice touches on it  :) And yeah i expect you can take a few Marston trailers loads in that  :-\

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A great review Nick,I remember the first pics on here and you saying in the ros topic you saw one in france being pulled by a john deere so I thought you'd get this beast sometime.

Looks like theres plenty of detail to rival uh and I like the removable greedy boards and rear grain chutes ;)

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A great review Nick,I remember the first pics on here and you saying in the ros topic you saw one in france being pulled by a john deere so I thought you'd get this beast sometime.

Looks like theres plenty of detail to rival uh and I like the removable greedy boards and rear grain chutes ;)

Thanks Simon and yeah Jamie i remember that too, i was on the Eurostar going really slow because of the Paris strikes by the railworkers and what overtook us but a John Deere with a similiar trialer to the Dangreville, so i instantly thought im getting me one of those and when i got back it has just been revealed to be released  :) Was pleased as punch and here it is  :) And thanks Jamie and yeah definetly, i will be getting the UH La Campagne possibly at Spalding if i can find one, and then we will have a little comparison battle  :)

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