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John Deere 7710

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Looks absolutely superb there Jason - no plans to put the weighted rims on it ???

No, that's how she was created by Graeme and thats how she will stay.... I think  ::)

I bet it's at least a year since I asked Graeme to build it for me and it looks like it has been well worth the wait.  ;D

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There is one major problem with making a model 7010 series John Deere, untill a model manufacturer makes a mass produced replica.

Anyone trying to build one from what's availible will find that it's all about compromise, personally as stated in my 7810 conversion topic i'm not 100% happy with my model ::) Graeme might feel the same about his and Fred Mitchell (Noels topic a few Deeres) probally feels the same about his ::)

The main factor is we all tried ;) ;)

If i'm completly honest this is when i'm happiest building lot's and lot's of the same model doesn't really appeal ::) ::)

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is it just the tractor your getting jas?? or trailer to, get a nice set of front weights to clip onto the a frame and she will look spot on with your lemken plough you got a while back

He`ll have to build his own trailer Sean. He`s not getting mine ;)

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