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Sanderson Masted Forklift

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Spent many a happy summer evening sat on the step of one of these stacking bales at silage time as a child, so I thought I'd sex the Britains one up a bit, for a more old school silage machine. :P Now has a 2wd axle, bigger front axle, McHale Bale handler an the usual bits. Let me know what you think. :);) ;)




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damn cant see it at work.....take peoples word for it and i'll reply when i get home ;):) :)

well they were right!!, its great!!!, thats one of my favourite models, same reason as you, watched a farmer around here most summer loading bales with one. Pity the bale attachment never fitted right :(

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there was an artical in classic tractor a few months back and had a pic of the sand colour one (pic was black and white but you could see the two tone paint job of the sand and dark brown)

the one my dad used to drive was V reg (first time round) and was a triplex free lift mast i belive? it had a newlands tipping carriage and home made grain bucket, bale spike and muck fork, the attachements were that good they were made to fit a sanderson tl6 P reg when the sb50 was replaced then on 2003 the tl6 was replaced with a jd 3200 and was ordered with a sanderson headstock as the attachments were still very strong and great condition :o  there still going strong today, far from been worn out

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