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First Cut Silage 2008 - Collacott Farm [Chopping]


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nice pictures


Some cracking shots there Luke E baby... 50k... phew... thats shifting for a beast like that  :o

I'd love ago at rollng a clamp... alas... flat as a pancake around here... cereals everywhere  :'(

We had a conversation a while back on a topic and everyone thought it did 40k  ::):D

Come down here for a weekend Marky, i'm sure you could hve a quick play on the JCB ;)

O YES!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

I love silage!!!!!!!  ;D ;D ;D

And its now Time!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I can just smell it now  :P :P :P;D ;D ;D

Calm down Blake..deary me ::)

No don't worry i was the same ;D ;D ;D ;D

Got to love it eh?  ;D ;D :-*

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Only 4 of our customers have cut so far, had 1 baler/wrapper out, and 1 forager. Things are picking up steadily though. Lots of farmers cutting this weekend.

Which sort of area did you see these fields Sean?

arround haterliegh way then up towards great torringtom way that afternoon, loads all laid out ready for pick up, just no kit actually out

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Eddie Staines (Clovelly Contractors) Have gone Bankrupt so I heard, shame they had all Fendts and a 4 year old Claas Chopper. So not sure who will take over their customers.

Probably why none of it is picked up  :D :D

really, when was that, saw 2 of there fendts a few weeks back arround winkleigh

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Nice pictures powerstar, I hope you will be loaded with cash come september with all this work your be doing and I do like that richard  western 11 tonner ;)

I hope so too, if I am, new car time  :-*

Thanks, we have 5 of those trailers. That one there is my trailer for my tractor.

they were out hauling mud from a 360 digger in a field, both with nc dump trailers on, not many fendts arround that i have seen hence the intrest in them

Sounds about right, you do see a fair few Fendts about Sean, we have 1, Canns have alot, Clovelly had lots too.

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