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New Silage clamp in construction


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There is place near Melksham which had three clamps built, open ended both ends and the walls were cast on site using a machine setting the concrete over steel cage mesh. Very fancey job too, what will be the method here? Good old diggers them Daewoo's  ;)8)

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does that owl scrapper of a daewoo belong to ur uncle :D :D

that belongs to the groundworks guy, self employed chap who does the works for local builder

What are you using for the walls, concrete panels or railway sleepers?

going to have concrete panels all round and a section through the middle to split it up.

Hopefully the new clamp will allow more covered shed space to be utillised more efficiently

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Going to be a good sized clamp  ;)

Are the power lines going to have to be moved?  :)

when the large cubicle house was put up, they moved it just to give clearance for the shed.  But now have admitted that it is in the wrong place when the power board first oridnally moved it.  I think ot is going over to the far left of the ground right out of the way

Will be interesting to see this develop Dan, will give us all some ideas I reckon, plus a nice backdrop for your sales photo's  :D :D ;) ;)

P.S Let's keep on topic here??

the stone should be arriving this week some time, more pics soon i think.

The builder doing this job, when he has finished has got to put up a new parlour and apex shed.  busy times ahead so the camera is going to be flashing away

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looks intresting dan, are you moving the overhead power cables?? as they will be pretty close to any tipped trailer or loader/tractor up on the pile when your filling,wont be cheap, but leccy can carry over a fair distance through the air

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The efflunent tanks arrived yesterday.  2 x 3500 gallon concrete precast tanks weighing in at 6.5tonnes each and 2tonne lid.  Linned with bitchamin to stop the effluent attack on the concrete dropped into 10ft cubed holes.






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