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Well here are some of the Britain's I have acquired over the past 4 years.

First up some of the straw box dung spreaders

All numbers 9540 but not really too sure of the issue years and when they were deleted from the range. Anyone on here able to give me dates ??? ???




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Next up a Massey Ferguson. Yes surprising to some since I'm not really a Massey fan but deep down I kinda like them as models and especially this one a MF 590 No 9522 which I understand was only issued in 1977 and only out for one year.

Not too sure if it should have a driver or not though since one of the Britain's books suggests it should have. If it should have has anyone out there got the relevant driver to sell ??? ???


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A bit like the proverbial hen's tooth I believe Tris  Well I think it is a real 590 Tris. The following weekend I picked up a 595 which is in exactly the same box and the tractor looks the same apart from the decals. Only problem with the 595 box is its not the original flagstone base it one of those white made up ones... never mind the 595 wasn't very expensive.

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Adam on the question of the same boxes for the MF 590 and MF 595 as far as I can see they are. My 590 hasn't got the insert for the inside at the back though and also it is an incorrect white base.

MF 590


MF 595


The two together


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:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Bill you can go off people you no, or become very freindly with people im not sure which way to go  :D

Thank you so much for posting pics of the 590 together with 595, they look the same boxes. You have one hell of a collection i just wish i could own a small percentage of what you have, also been looking for a 6600mib at the right price for ages but cant find any that are mint and under £90 ::)

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All good things come to those who wait Adam... I'm sure you will get some of these in the future. i didn't actually go looking for that 590 it was just at the back of a stall and I happened to be the first one in. It was only a week later at another show I picked up the 595... just a pity about the incomplete inside of the box.

I got my 6600 for under £ 90 but not a lot under ;D

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I wonder why some of the spreaders have plastic caps over the front belt pulley while others don't..

Well spotted I had not even noticed that before CMB. Too good a question for me .... I'm afraid I don't know but no doubt someone on here may know ??? ???

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i want that 6600  :D nice models you got  ;), any more?   :P

The 6600 is not for sale at this point in time I'm afraid.

Any more what 6600 ??? ??? yes 2 more No 4246 the FTF Limited editions ones from last year.

On other Britain's models well around the 500 mark in total. Once the vintage tractor rally season has finished I plan to get photographs of my entire collection. Not all in the same photo though ???;D ;D

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