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A few pics from Denmark..


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Here in denmark we are busy with the barley harvest, and at my former work they a have their SDF tractors running with the presses. enjoy.

First A lambo R8 with a MF190

and second a red(!) lambo 165 and a Titan 190(used to be mine) both with MF190.



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i dont really know the reason, but its has gat this color as long as i can remember, but its a Lambo, watercooled and so on.. I've seen one on an auction a couple years ago...

Anyway heres the pics from yesterday, enjoy...



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good pics mate nice to see some thing difrent there is something about them old lambos the farm next to me use to hae a pair the plough tractor you could hear roar for miles she sounded sweet can i ask why are they filling a muck spreader whit mazie

So you can drive up and over the clamp and spread the maize mate.

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¨So you can drive up and over the clamp and spread the maize mate.¨

yes its right. For some years ago it was very used to have a muckspreader for silage.

Well here you got the last picture of Same and lamborghini tractors.

The last one is my Titan 160(actually a 190) and the old 165.



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thanks for the comments. Yes the Same/Lamborghini tractors is actually a strong tractor, but the gearsystem can make som trouble.

Its the last ones before they became a part of Deutz group. They have a really nice roar when the muffler is removed.

Heres some more from harvest '06 with me and my MF190.

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They don't even look big enough for those huge balers! Looks like a gentle giant though.  :)

Yes dont judge the book by the cover:-)

They do a really good job and as you cab see we have some hills were i live.

But no more pics of the Titans, but 2 shots of the mid-size slurry tanker they got. ( not mine, i drove a 20t and a Iron 180)



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