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kvernerland plough

ford/nh fan

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On Top Tractor site, it says it'll be available to order from next week and despatched 1st week of Sept; this will be limited to 300 in dealer packaging though.  I'm sure there will be a standard release later on, so autumn cultivations may have to wait a bit ;)

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Wonder how many Kverneland have ordered in a dealer box to sell via their dealerships?  Several thousand at a guess. 

May see what the local dealer has/can get in a few weeks time.  Nice model, this first release seems expensive for what it is.  Would like one but as with Joe will wait a while.

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Make me feel guilty why don't you! ::):D

To be honest, I don't make a lot of fuss usually but being a first for many things - Agrar for one; having worked my @ss off for three weeks I thought what the hell!

You go for it Tris (well you have haven't you).  Everyone needs to treat themselves at times.  Purely personal choice.  Also with the UH Kuhn 6F on its way I'm just hedging my options and watching the pennies at the moment.

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If I got one it would be to get it behind a tractor and on display - seeing as there aren't many, I felt that would be denying a serious collector who was going to keep it safely in the box (and maintain/increase its value) - the temptation to take it out of the box would be too great for me!  Not to mention I'm a but skint at the moment! ;D

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Forgot about that, balls! :D

Still you never know what some people may pay when the first editions are few, far and forgotten. At least I'm hoping anyway!

So, one to take out of the box, the other for the retirement fund? ;)

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Should look good hooked up behid that challnger tris  ;)

7 Furrows on a challenger? Wow, over kill? Depends on the soil type i suppose, mine will go on my 7930 and run with narrower furrow spacing.

Gotta watch the pennies too, now i have decided to take up another hobby  :-\ :-\

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