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1:32 Claas Dominator 105

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How far you got then mate, got it on wheels yet?

No, only just sat down 10 minutes ago to have a crack for tonight - I'm currently having an arguement with the swivel joint where the discharge auger attaches to the grain tank...  >:(


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Have you encountered many real ones Malc?  I've never seen one (or a 100), seen a couple of 80's but more 85's; be nice to see a 105 in model form I must say :)

my Uncle had a real 100 with Perkins V8, he bought it just before I bought our 80 for £2000 in Autumn '84, and came to look at it as he'd heard we'd paid very little for it and was expecting a heap, bit came back up from the shed we'd stored her in and said " and you only paid that for her. huh, that's no money at all", so I guess he paid a heck of a lot more for his 100 ( at a farm sale over Polegate way,Ellis's possibly,Will?)

  I have GAMA 1/43 100 & 105 models, one I customised with terra tyres as the std. ones are grassland tread!! Also painted-in those horrible pink dividers/deflectors.

I guess you're opening-up a field with yours already Malcy!!  ;):)

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Don't suppose anyone has any pictures of the engine installation in a Dominator 85/105??

This is about the only Claas combine I don't have the brochure for so any info would be good. Going to make the engine compartment openable so want at least the general configuration to be right!! :)


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Anyway I've found the Dominator 85 manual, what is it you want to know Malc?

Any info on the engine bay... I'm guessing the radiator is on the near side of the body with the drive coming out on the offside?

Any picutres of the engine, under the big panel on the offside of the body and the layout inside the the cab...?



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