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The Dangers Of Buckraking And Insecure Front Weights


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going afew years back wheni was a nipper (7-8 yrs old ?) me and my grandad witnesed a 995with front loader & rotorvator rolling a pit when it got stuck in reverse ?& went off the end of the pit,the rotorvator got stuck in a load of scrap metal & stayed upright just swaying to an fro, also saw a deutz 470 slide down the pit braceing posts. ?:(

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A farm near us used to use a little massey on the pit, it was fitted with some metal dish type centres but they were stuck out of the wheel, looked just like he had a cerial bowl stuck on each wheel.... does anyone know the things I mean??

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Nice set of back tyres on it though ;)

yeah but not really what you'd want to roll a pit with really are they !

the pic of the valmet forageing ? i once rolled apit with that using narrow spray wheels , once the pit was level enough the compaction was great ! :)

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