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Adam's County 1004


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What do you rekon a county 1004 is worth She needs a bit of work

Missing Rear mud gards

clutch is stuck

No hydrlic arms

Good Bits

Tyres like new

She starts and runs brillantly

Water and oil in the right places

Bonnet not too Bad

Pins all okay and not too lose

new drive shafts

Rev counter all there

Thats all i can think off. Just wonderd what you think its worth? Thanks Ad

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is that the one that was in the South East Farmer ads last week?  Sounded a good buy to me.

Yeh it was :D thought it was okay thanks. Nigal, were you at the national ploughing champs, as i was speaking to the model man there and he said did i no you because you were there. Thanks Ad

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Could a mod please move this to FTF member machinery.

Well got some pics of her. Here she is.

Loaded up and ready to come to her new home


Needed a bit of help in to the drive (stuck clutch) Mum looking at another peice of junk to her :D accutally she really likes it


Dad seeing if the wheels are balested .Last one, more thought the restoration


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Nice looking County Adam.

Thanks Bc, hope fully look better soon, got the wings etc priced.

For 2 Mudgards

Complet 3 point linkage

Drawbar and cradle

Wraightie wants £600 but thats for all the hitch, everything for the 3 point etc. Sounds alot but cheaper than one guy we phoned, he wanted £450 for 2 lift arms on there own :o :o :o

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She looks like a lovely machine Adam... sorry I missed these pics... I'm looking forward to seeing her in restoration... before, during and after even  ;D

Thanks Marky mate, sorry i missed your post. She is split in half now, got some pics to post aswell. Think we are going to put a new clutch in her as she is already split  :D :D

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