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8830 or tw 25??

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Are you sure Colm  ??? I am sure I had seen blue mudguards on the tw's  :-X

Early bubble tops maybe Bazza, not on SQ's though....

I don't mind which it becomes, it's blue so I'm happy already.... how about 8730...? Big wide boots, front links... ;)

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when i was 12 i could have told you every thing about fords, countys etc but girls, lager and punk rock got in the way and i  lost interest untill a few years ago so yeah its all about learning again, im all ears for anybody whos in the know ;)

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For once Barry is correct!!

Here you go mate:

All the long bonnet ones suitable here:

TW 30 Q cab roof and blue mudguards

TW 25/35 early ones Q cab roof and blue mudguards

TW 25/35 Force II SQ cab and white mudguards

8730/8830 SQ cab and black mudguards

Hope this helps!

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