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'new' spud boxes


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Wicked idea Markus,

Is anything safe from your scanner ? :D :D :D

i think you're getting confused with photocopiers & xmas parties TBF :D :D :D :D :D

enought to fill the front of the shed by any chance mj??

not to fill the front ,to fill the shed  sean ;):)

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nice,poor mark is gonna have to smoke a lot of cigars then,does he send them flat packed

Flat pack doesnt work really TM810 - The problem is they need running along a bench top sander to finish them off square.? The bandsaw leaves a rough cut (especially when your'e ripping down them quickly) so they need a final sanding to make them smooth after assembly.? Giving up smoking next week - what the hell am I gonna do then ???
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started marking them up to day.

started by just puting a permanent marker on the stencil but the ink bled to much? ??? NB: bottom boxes left hand side :-\

a small ammount of pressure from a biro into the wood,using the stencil? then used a fine point marker pen ,worked well as the biro pressure sort of created a seal in the wood & stopped it from bleeding & turned out OK :)

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thanks NH2 i did like the effect of the printed paper ones  but i cant get my pen into the small stencil so initials will have to do,

when the others turn up then i may order a rubber stamp with 'winterhay farms' on so i can do the other sides  :)

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