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John Deere 6910

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built one of these a little while ago but sold it. so have started to build one again. still needs bits doing to it cab roof lights a few paint touch ups and rear hitch. can't make up my mind if to fit a front hitch or front wieghts the same as the 2850 has fitted.


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i like this version alot pete and ive done 2 of these now and i know what work goes in to doing it, i ve done one with a ttv front linkage and one with the standard weights .they look good either way mate.

biggest problem i have is spraying those wheels    i hate that job :D;D>:(

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thanks for all the comments so far hope to get a bit more done tonight like removing the glue white from the cab. also hope to do some of the finishing touches.

nick just send me a pm and i will list the bit i have used on it so far.

looks great, would be nice to see a 6810 with old style front weights ;)

mate have a couple of 6410 on the bench one cut up already not going to be a 6810 but going to build the first 6 cylinder we had on the farm a 6600.
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