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tm's new tool's for the farm

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Looking good TM. That will be a picture when they are at work...... :) :) :)

yeah it will be

what with the 72** combine,the 3680  2725 and 6290 hauling the marstons

the 698t baling the rounds and the 390t baleing the square,

the 290 and mf tele loader stacking

it will be a fergy good summer

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it will be a fergy good summer

not if you can't get that MF round baler to bale more than 2 bales in succsession, bloody awfull balers they were :-\

nice job on the convos though TM  real nice collection coming along there  :) :), how come the trailer isn't a ferguson , or just to keep it red a redrock?

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Lovely convo's TM810 - You're a lucky man an no mistaking (and a clever one too looking at that work !) ;)

it's all very good, I may have to take a pilgrimage down to see it all when it's all put together & finished  :) any one coming along for the ride ? ;D

where abouts in devon are you TM?

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fb the baler is just a standard britains farnhand one,resparyed mf red,although the standard red was ok,and the other parts sprayed satin balck,it comes apart really easy without falling apart,so you can spray all the red in one go,without masking anything

i am in plymouth mark,and your all welcome,just only allowed 3 in the loft at anyone time,

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