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A Dutch collection


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Just some pictures made on my attic.



Boxed models on shelves



The shelves are accompanied by two large showcases.


Some vintage Britains models


Lanz plastic models in 1:22,5 (G scale) from Pola



Some recent Britains purchases



And some models from other brands

All my new additions can be seen on the Dutch LMF, just click here.

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Today I recieved a parcel containing this great Britains set.


Renault 145.14 and Accord Seed Drill. The box is a little damaged, the cellophane has come off, but will be glued back in place, as I will also repair the box slightly.

And a few weeks ago I bought this John Deere 8345RT from Britains. Even the box looks collectable.


And a few models for modifying, a Fendt 312 by Siku and a Case MXU125. The MF 7480 will be converted into a 6480 using the kit by PDC Farm Models.


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Some recent purchases.



Bought on FTF, MF 362 and MF Trailer, and also this Valtra Valmet forestry.


ROS Landini Super L25 (limited edition 1500 pcs.), BM Valmet 805 with broken cab, and a Fiat 880DT with different rear rims as the one already in my collection.


Last weekend I attended an oldtimer-rally in Belgium, near me, and bought this JCB skid steer and the NewHolland TM165 quite cheap!


And something special, this MF 7480 Limed finish, limited to just 150 pcs for National Minitrac.

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Another great addition to my collection !!!




Britains MF 7480 Limed Edition (limited to 150 pcs, see certificate on the first picture) made by National Minitrac. Such a model suites my collection perfect, it's a Britains model and limited.

By the way, I am still looking for a weathered Case, issued for the Spalding 2011 fair, if you have one for sale t a reasonable price, sent me a PM please.

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A few days ago a long awaited parcel arrived, containing some kits from PDC Farmmodels, including this MF 699 kit to keep me busy this autumn.  ;)


And a friend took this little MF 135 from the HMT-rally in Sevenum, commissioned by TractorConnection.

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There actually is ONE Imber Ford in my collection, a 5640 SLE 4WD.

Outa the models in my collection,my Imber Ford 5640 SLE 2wd is one of my favourits along with the D Towse  UH Ford 7610 2wd conversion i have. But im just a Ford fanatic. ;D Im really happy with the 5640 & im hopping Imber will release an Industrial 6640 & normal blue 7740 soon. 
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Last week some new (and old) models have found their way onto my attic ...


Siku Fendt 716 MP & KM Holding, just to keep up with the limited Fendt models.


Britains tipping trailer and Fordson Major.


And yesterday I attended the fair in Bergeijk, the LMF promoted the forum there and I was at the stand, together with Luuk and Arno. I picked up this Renault 70-14 and the DX4.57, which will be converted into something nice one day.


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New items bought in Zwolle last weekend!


Parts of a Weise Fendt 824 and wheels for a Fendt 415 by UH.


Evers Java grubber by Bevro and some more parts (2 gearbox-sticks, grindstone and exhaust).


Britains Renault 145-14 and Deutz DX6.50 in need of some TLC (chipped fender and silver rims), Maschio harrow and Vicon press, and a ROS Fiat crawler.


Britains bale trailer, rowcrow wheels set by Robert Peeters and Trelleborg wheels by Henry Selten.


Offcourse a LMF forummodel, 4WD, and a MF 8690 to fit the Trelleborg wheels on. Had a go at this during the show, but I broke the frontaxle trying to remove the front wheels.


Siku Joskin Silospace and Britains Quad (been looking for this quad to put on my dio)


Britains stickers.


Britains Landrover, set of farm sheds and a Valtra with no wheels, but a good box.


Hard to find, the Britains terra tyres, so I bought a Valtra complete with the tyres instead.


Fendt 939 Black Beauty "Meilensteine Edition". Could buy this at a good price, so I couldn't resist it.

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Time for a small update.


At the Dutch LMF we had a end-of-year-raffle, I donated a black UH Valtra 6850, but there is also a green version, which I added to my collection. A limited edition issued by Bevro.


A few months ago I purchased a Fiat 880DT, but I came across one with a damaged front axle. That will make a lovely project sooner or later.


Also I found this Siku Becker, NIB, at a very small price.


I added some Britians models as well, such as this Ford 7000 Armagh.


Last model, a Britains Cooper cultivator MIB.

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Some new models.


Britains Renault set with Bauer tank. Strangly the box says the Renault is 103.54, but the model inside the box is a 155.54. Anybody got an idea how this is possible?


Valtra C120 ACA 2005 (limited to 2.500 pieces, this is 975)


Claas bale press


Replicagri Huard TR65 plow (limited to 1.500 pieces)

Click here for a model review in Dutch at the LMFand more photo's.


Ford 7610 Gen I by Marge Models.


Some Britains parts and models, wheels, Vicon spreader, unbranded tractor.

Edited by Hajo
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