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I'll just have to explain to my 1/32 insurance company that I had a 1/32 student who got 1/32 excited with the 1/32 416 Farmaster!!

What actually happened was - As I lifted up a piece of board which was leaning against the wall, one end knocked the little electric radiator which toppled over on to my shed. It all happened in slow-mo untill the swear words begain to leave my cakehole in a speedily torrent of verbal 'dissatisfaction' to say the least!!

Should have built it on a base board  ::) ::)

Thats the first thing I thought afterwards. .. Hindsight aye?!!

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Hard luck Deere-est.  :(

We're in the same position ourselves. A ceiling panel came down in the basement and has destroyed one end of our farm diorama. Finding time and ambition to repair it is going to be difficult.

We're taking my wife's model cars and my 1/32 farm stuff to toy shows instead.

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You lads!!  ;) ;)

Good job I am thick skinned. TOG that sounds a darn sight more serious than my misshap, hope when thetime comes it is all reinstated without too much bother. I am hoping with a sharp blade and a file I can remove all the burrs and hopefully by the time the cladding is added around the sides it should go together without too much bother. (he says that now . .. .)

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Poor old Tris... I LOVE the file names mate - you crack me up everytime  :D :D :D :D :D

More importantly than your silly old barn... what you doing having Winward Isles Banana's ? (picture two) - Everyone knows they sould be Jamaican fruit this time of year - go on I'll give you a tenner a box  ::)

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Naw, that won't work!

Better to scrap it altogether and start afresh.

SPN's scrapping service will be more than happy to take it away - hell, we'll even pay the shipping cost!


Yes and I bet you run a very efficient recycling business too!!!

Marky "Eagle Eyes" Ferguson your a banana short of a box yourself!!!! A tenner a box sounds like a well earned tenner to me. Easy pickings (ha, get it!!) considering they're empty. . .D'oh, should've kept quiet and sent it  :D;D

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No mate, it wont take alot but as it wasn't finished anyway I have decided to leave it to concentrate on the Scaloox shed. Once this is done I can go back to this one and blitz through the last few bits, which was basically just the cladding.

Thanks for asking  :)

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