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What tractors sould UH or Britains etc make next?

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Britains , Universal Hobbies & Replicagri are producing a lot of classics in 1/32 lately! And also some fine models of the more modern machines. Britains with there FORD 5000,7000,7600 & FW 30 & 60. The CASE 1056XL , IH 956XL & IH Snoopy plus lots of John Deeres. UH have the MF 35,135,590,3080 & 1200,FORD 7810 ,Pre Force 5000 & Fordson Major. Replicagri have classic FIAT tractors like the 110-90,160-90,180-90,880DT & 1300 Super. WEISE have there MB Tracs,Fendt & Deutz Models.There is always some classic due to be released from some model manufacturer. Which is what i love. SO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE MODEL MANUFACTURERS PRODUCE NEXT! I would like a few COUNTYS ,a few more FORDS & MASSEYS & a few 80's era JOHN DEERES like the 2140 & 3050 etc. :);)

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Right I want models of JD 40 series, 40 series and 000 & 10 series  ;D  Some nice Massey 4200 and 6200 and 6100 series  :P  and for Imber to make some nice bigger 40 series Fords as well

With ya there. I think IMBER are going to produce the whole lot of the Ford 40 Series down the line. But youl be waiting quiet a while for the FORD 8340.
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well any DBs in 1/32 scale

preferibly the 1690 1210 and 995 then i could convert and make the rest  :P

mabey  a few more zetor tractors like the 10540 and  10641

A few DBs & old Zetor Crystals would be nice alright. A DB 995 or 996 would be class.
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In no particular order, I would like UH/Weise/Wiking to do the following;

Muir Hill 121, 141 and 161 (naturally  ;D)

County 1884

County 1124

Ford FW-60 (i.e one with proper detail)

Zetor 6245

Massey Ferguson 5200

Yes Countys & Muir Hills a must! ;)
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I spose what id like to see the most is a few 3 cyl type FORDs in the 60 HP ish mark. The 4000,4600 etc are always overlooked even tough they were one of Fords best sellers in the UK & Ireland 30 to 40 years ago. The 5000 &  6600 no dought were the biggest sellers but only by very little against the 4000 & 4600. Britains well not make em anyway after doing the 5000 ,7000 & 7600 . UH being a French company wont ether. As for Siku NOT A HOPE. Replicagri maybe! Id also like a MF 165 ,175 or 188. UH might do a 175 in 1/32. After all they have it in 1/16 already! :)

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I would like to see UH make a 1/32 Massey 188 and a 1/32 Ford 7600 with a bubble cab, a TW Ford would also

be good seller for UH "or Britians for that matter", a late TW 35 would float my boat but an early TW 10 would also if you know what i mean..

As for the big wheelers well i dream of the day when UH or Britains release a 1/32 County, Roadless or Muir Hill i am certain any model would fly off the shelves, i mean who would not buy a UH County 1884, Roadless 118 or a Muir Hill 171??..

While still in the land of hope, it would be a fantastic day when UH or Britains announce there new 1/32 DB 996 and Leyland 282 models..

Possibly more realistic though a 50 or 55 series JD would be nice, my old ERTL JD 3350 looks very tired and basic nowadays compared to some of my newer more detailed models!!..

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Ford TW-10,15,20,25,30,35

Ford 8630,8730,8830

New Holland TM 140

County 1004

Ford 6600 with Fritzmeire cab

3cyl Fords like the 3000 and the 4600

and I know I`m blue at heart but I would love to see the 6cyl John Deere 10 Series

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