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magnetic duel wheels

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fb, heres the pics, hope they help (DT idea, ive just copyed it for my collection)

pics show magnet inserted into axle hole(some need drilling out) and glued in place, need to get correct spacing so it grips but no gap left showing. tractor can move about but would not recomend it for kids playing carpet farms as they can keep falling off as it steers.

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What a brillianht idea - I suppose with strong magnets.. and perhaps a small piece of guide tube stuck to the tractors axle they would be more secure - top idea that though - can we have idea of the month mods  ???

:o :o How about Marky's moment of the month  ???  :D :D :D
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nooooooo, i spent many hours on a 5000, 6600, 6610 and 7810 on the farm i worked on when i left school. he still has the 5000 which i think may be K reg and has only done 3500 genuine hours since new

Droooooooollllllly again  ;) ;) Thanks Gavin
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i did spend one whole day in December on the 5000 with a 10 ton trailer carting sugar beet while the 6610 was occupied elsewhere. Was a case of wrap up warm as no comforts there but was enjoyable none the less  ;D;)

Yeah sounds familar,  ;) but its the character of the little gem  ;) that made it so good.
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