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NCC's Field Display


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Hi Chaps,

Well with all this display building going on nowadays, I thought I'd better get busy and have a go at making some fields. It's not much, but I am pretty proud of it. It beats my old scruffy carpet anyway :D :D :D :D ;)

Theres still some bits to do on it, a few little moss covered rocks and bushes on the side of the road, a 5 bar gate, some moss or something to look like mown grass and swaths etc and I may put some white lines down the road, not sure on that though :-\ :-\

Any questions ask away ;D ;D

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Nice display Nath... how have you done the grass  ???

It's a grass mat Marky, got it from Games Workshop/Warhammer shop in town, ?15 a roll I think it is. Then got some spray mount from B&Q, sprayed the MDF board and stuck the mat down. It's a bugger trying not get any bubbles on it though, needed rolling quite alot ;) ;)

gonna have to get an extension to it mate,that or get another one

I daren't get any more flat trailers, so will have to get the mig out and some hang line and do a proper farming, bodge it and scarper :D :D :D :D ;)

Smart!  ;)

Cheers mate ;)

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I'm a dark horse me :D :D :D :D

Sheds on it's way, it's being a pain in the bum though. I think I should of gone for a MDF shell instead of trying to be a clever.........

clever  ::)...what you used, Brass sections ;) ;) :)

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Will do Alan, might get a few tonight ;) ;) Will do a line up of them though as I haven't got a farm yard display yet :D :D ;) ;)

clever  ::)...what you used, Brass sections ;) ;) :)

Yes clever is one of my middle names you know :D :D :D;) ;)

No I've tried making all the RSJ's, trusses etc out of wood. Bloody hard work on our bandsaw :-\ :-\ :D :D

well done nath just need some buildings to store the straw in now & a way of getting them all down from tabletop mountain ;)

Cheers Marcus, yep buildings are next on the list along with some cable cars to transport the straw up and down table mountain :D :D :D;) ;)

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