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Oops posted this in the wrong place did not mean to start a new thread.....please move to the Joke section, however put it in the almost honest section.. ;)

Marky has always been a little bit of a redneck. Heard he took his family to London. Were fancinated with Skyscrapers, since not too many seen in Cambridge. As they were viewing in the lobby and old women walked over to the elevator push a button, the wall opened and she took two steps and the wall closed. Marky and the kids were shocked, a short time later the wall opened and a young 24 year old beauty walked out. Wes: “Dad, what just happenedâ€? Marky: “I don’t know Wes, but go get your motherâ€. :laugh: :laugh:

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Well it has a certain ring to it Wil "Random Rick" ;D ;D

Talking of R's try saying this "Tongue Twister" at the end of a Saturday evening before a Spalding model show

.....Round and round the ragged rock the ragged rascal ran....

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;D ;D ;D ;D Oh Pops you do make me laugh... if only that worked hey... Poor old Diane would be shoved in immediately bless her.

Now I must warn you that this victimisation of our most shy, retiring, vulnerable members (AKA... me) has to stop immediately. Here at FTF towers we do not tollerate bullying or racism of any kind...

.....NOT EVEN picking on the Porky Yanks or the 'interlectually challenged from Plymouth' ... O0:P

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