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Lower Odd Farm


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I thought i would post some pictures of my familly farm on the Wiltshire/Gloucester border. We moved here 21 years ago from our other farm in the neighbouring village.

We are a mixed farm, we grow Winter wheat, winter barley oil seed rape and spring beans in a rotation. We also have beef cows that we buy from market at about 6-9 months old and then they are sold on as fat cattle to slaughter.

We run a main line fleet of John Deeres that do most of the work. We historicly ran Internationals so we have a few about the place. I also have a Ferguson TEF 20 which was bought for me a few years ago, the plough was left to me by my grandad when he died.

First up is our 6800 that does all our spreading, spraying and a general all rounder,



Then is my pride and joy!



And my plough



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Lovely machinery, even the Inter tucked in behind the sprayer looks tidy, is it? Your mainline tractors ate very tidy, what year ate yhey anf what do the hours read, Will?

Also, do you use contractors for anything and if so, what?

Acres? Head of cattle? Is just family or does your dad employ a stockman or tractor driver too?

Really nice to see it all so far, I hope we get to see lots more throughout the year matey :) :)

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We farm about 450 acres, about 80 cattle around at the moment but the numbers will increase throughout the year.

Tris the only thing we have a contractor in for is Combining, we dont employ anybody just my dad, my uncle and me!

We have all sorts of cattle mainly simentail and charlais crosses but we have a few devon cross and limosan crosses

Just goin to check hours now Tris

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Well we had a new toy delivered today! A 5.5 meter Simba double press.

It was delivered on a day old Volvo and pup with a £100,000 pound crane on the back that would pick up 6 tons in and 2 tons reached out.


the crane








And on the 6920s


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Brilliant, thanks for coming back with the info on the tractors, I just wondered about that. Have they all been with you from brand new because the hours are very modest for their age, many that age could be nearly double that and then some!!! Your family obviously appreciate the cost of all this machinery and look after it very, very well. Even the Inter looks the business, looking in the background at the tedder and the single rotor rake (?), does the Inter still get an airing come hay making time?

That crane is a bit of kit mind too, smart little lorry too. When Howards were looking for a crane lorry they were surprised at the cost of second hand units but as is the case here, the crane is worth the money and makes the truck a very expensive add on!!

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Sorry i havnt replied and answered your questions been a tad busy and completly forgot about the topic!!

Tris: the rake behind the Hydro is an 2 rotor NewHolland/stoll it can be used for raking and rowing up, we only use it for small paddocks we get 'given'!! and yes the inter does get a bit of work out on the NewHolland rake! We've owned the 6400 and 6800 from new and the 7700 and 6920s we purchased with low hours on the clock ;D

Cheers for all the nice comments

Didnt get that many snaps of when we were at the grass, but here we go;

77 on the rake


in action


6920s on the baler


My bus for the silage seasion, 6800 and McHale 991be



My uncle mowing on the 6400 and John Deere 328



All for now, will post some more later, enjoy ;D ;D

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That 64 is a lovely little tractor, spent quite a few summer hours in one of them in my placement year. Nice updates. Those Welger round balers are meant to be pretty good machines, has yours been good to you?

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The 64 is a machine! Expecially at 1000rpm on the topper she sounds lovely! The welgar is an exelent baler, it's been good to us most of the time. It didnt like te barley straw as it was so smashed up it didn't know what to do we had some awful bales, not netwrapped to the edges etc. the bales are rock hard from her!

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Evening all!


Have not updated this topic for ages!!


The photo's i have are mainly old ones that i have found on my phone and on various memory cards!


Here goes


77 on the our 5 metre machio power harrow


When i finished


When we had starter motor problems on the 69, i had to jump start it with the Hydro!


Had a bit of time on my hands towards the end of the summer, i put my Ferguson plough on the Hydro.


When the Trio was delivered


6920s on our K-two roadeo 1200


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