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My name is David, I live in Central Victoria, Australia.

I live on a broadacre cropping farm, just cereals, run Merino sheep and a handful of Poll Hereford Cattle.

I, interested in issues surrounding Agriculture, I am in my final year of school, before I attend a two year Advance Diploma of Agriculture course.

I am an avid Horwood Bagshaw, IH, Case IH fan, don't even talk about John Deere to me, you will fall on deaf ears.

I collect mainly 1/64 models but I do have a few other scales.

If I don't reply straight away please consider the time difference and the fact that I may not visit alot.


The pic attached is a sketch I copied off a workshop manual


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Welcome aborad from "down under" David. I too like IH and Case and Farmalls. There are topics on here where you can post pictures of your collection and it would be nice to see 1/64 scale models.

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Welcome to the Forum, David. We are used to time lag as we have members all over the world including the southern hemisphere. You will find plenty of like-minded collectors on here as there are others who collect 1:64 (and non-JD fans too!)

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Welcome to FTF, David. You'll fall into an armchair experience here, it doesn't take long to feel comfortable. We have some 1/64 collectors here among us and some of the layouts and custom buily models in such a small scale have been tt

remendous! You wil find plenty to look at. Case IH is brand favoured by many too, not least 'Texas' and 'Ertlerik'.

I look forward to hearing more about you farming practices on your farm and the collection you have built up. Looks like you're a dab hand with a sketching kit too, impressive! 8)

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welcome to ftf david, i wouldnt worry about the time difference mate, we have a few members on here from down under so are used to it ,mind you theres a few in the uk that have no idea what time or day it is even to be honest, i am one of them :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I haven't been drawing for a long time so the next one I show you won't be as good, lest for a long time yet, they take ages.

Sorry in advance if I post in the wrong spots, just let me know and tell me where it should go.

I'll try and post a custom 1/64 later.

Thanks again.

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welcome David, great to see another person from the other side of the world post on here, we have several New Zealand members and also quite a few American members who collect 1:64 (as well as a few of european members (of which i am one), so you will feel right at home i think. Looking forward to your contributions, from customized models, to entire collection, to drawings to maybe 1:1 scale farming as it is always interesting to see farming and the take on farming from different countries accross the globe!

enjoy the forum!

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Mate welcome to the forum

Im an Aussie and been on here since 07 and let me tell you these guys and girls on here are great.

im in South Australia about 50km east of Adelaide working on a Dairy Farm milking 250 cows and cropping around 800 acre's a year

also have a background being in Potatoes.

and again welcome and if u need somthing just send me a msg always here to help



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