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ROS very quiet so far for 2012


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Is it me or has it been very quiet from ROS so far this year? After the excellent sugar beet and potato harvesters together with the New Holland G240 in 2011 I had high hopes for 2012 (not least a blue 8970) but, 5 months in, there seems to be very little new releases - either announced or released. Anyone have any insights or updates? ROS themselves used to be on here so perhaps they will respond!

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i think its gone a bit quiet from a lot of manufacturers to be honest, especially universal hobbies. the recent britains and next weeks weise and universal hobbies deutz cant come soon enough, we seem to be running out of things to talk about on here regarding actual models lately. no arrival of the schuco new releases is a big concern. i have heard from two very well placed dealers that schuco are having supply issues at the moment, lets hope they sort it out soon.it looks like universal are going to saturate the christmas market if all the promised models are out this year as planned. where is the marge tw 25? at least ros havnt promised a whole array of models and not delivered.

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It's not only farm related models that are being delayed.

It has been reported by other European diecast companies that there is new 'monster' city being built in an area of China where many of the diecast manufacturers are located. Factory owners are typically being offered a token relocation payment and three months to relocate or face the consequences.

This is more than likely the cause of so few new releases and I suspect it will have a huge impact for many months to come. You can't move factories overnight........

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I think the lack of actual new releases is also partly due to Chinese New Year knock on. It's always fairly quiet at this time of year I think for new models actually arriving on these shores.

I think the quietness from UH is that, unlike other years, they announced every single new model in the catalogue at the start of the year rather than drip feeding them in like previous years - so it seems they have gone quiet.

I don't think a long gap between announcing and the finished product arriving is a bad thing, it means they are probably taking feedback and then improving things before release (e.g. Marge and the square work lamps).

What's odd is that Ros have literally announced only 3 models - the maschio power harrow and the two Dewulf harvesters. Exciting models but still seems a bit light for them.

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just to answer our agricultural news for 2012





NH 8770A double wheels


KRONE(we can write the exact model)

FIAT 1580 2WD

FIAT 1580 4WD


we also many new models for the construction world and we are planning new models for the beginning of 2013

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Ros delivers... cant wait to see the NH 8770A :D , hopefully a few more versions like a Ford 8770 will show up as well at some point. And congratulations on making a Fiat Winner, that model is on loads of wishlists i know, it will be a good seller, definately when judging the excellent models that have been made by Ros in recent years!

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Binding! Though the F130 is not on my list I know there is a massive waiting list for such a tractor so well done ROS.

I however, look forward to the 8770 which may well become and 88 for my collection O0

Are there any prospective release dates, even if just a month as an estimate?

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Thanks Kim75 for the update. Always great to know the manufacturers are listening! An exciting line up - quality not quantity as well which is good.

Any chance of a picture or two?

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