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New cattle shed for 2013

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post-3132-0-10221100-1362862033_thumb.jppost-3132-0-23329800-1362862097_thumb.jppost-3132-0-88926400-1362862147_thumb.jppost-3132-0-24956900-1362862200_thumb.jppost-3132-0-60679500-1362862237_thumb.jppost-3132-0-86821900-1362862274_thumb.jppost-3132-0-11554500-1362862313_thumb.jppost-3132-0-80340000-1362862348_thumb.jpJust started work on replacing my old and small shed that i had for my cows..the new one i'm building is 900mm x 750mm(for now) and will have 70 cubicles spaces for the milking cows,feeding passage and some room for my 50 Aberdeen Angus cattle and few pins for cows calving etc..i'm using timber for my I steel beams i know they are a little bigger than scale size but work out cheaper when i can make them myself..few photos of old building and work i have done so far..will be painting all the timber beams red to match rest of my buildings,walls will be cut from a sheet of grey timber that i have used on rest of farm..will be making all the cubicles,dividing gates and nearly 2 metres of feeding barrier all from copper..plan is to build milking parlor onto end of shed but might go with the Leyl robotic Astronaut..... Edited by modelfarmer2010
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Lovely size and all set to be a nice building.


One question though, why wooden beams and not the Plastruct style styrene I beam?

thanks..i have the machines to make all the beams ect.. and i like making as many things as i can rather than buying everything and so far all this has cost me is few feet of timber as a few hours working on it..i measured up how much i used for one section 1.7metre so altogether i would have needed just over 10 metre and that would have been alot of plastruct to buy. . . . .

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I see, good for you. I don't have tools or time for that kind of work but I have a superb model shop nearby which had a big Plastruct stock. I find it very easy to work with too and the scales are just the job. Interesting to see another method from you though.

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Walls fixed in place now..i've put no walls at one end for now til i make my final plans for palour..i have put in the timber board for under all the feeding barrier so the feeding passage is easy to see now..on one of the walls i have cut a hole out for the electric scrapers..next job is put bases in for cubicles..post-3132-0-93589900-1363633544_thumb.jppost-3132-0-60388700-1363633590_thumb.jppost-3132-0-83182900-1363633639_thumb.jppost-3132-0-46599800-1363633717_thumb.jppost-3132-0-53186900-1363633756_thumb.jppost-3132-0-12909000-1363633785_thumb.jp

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Taking a break from the cublicles for now and making a start on the pins for the beef cattle..first job is making up a gate to divide the pins..got some wire and soldered it..all i have to do now is clean up the solder and paint it..


And look who's on straight away to check if the gate fits



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