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Snow Blowers

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Yes its the middle of July, and yes you did read Snow!

Been clearing out my shed and stumbled upon a box with parts for three snow blowers that I'd started building a year or so ago. Thought you might like to see them and being based on a county and an Unimog they're the most 'Agri' thing I've posted in a while.

First up is my favourite. Base model is the Siku Unimog U411 with Schmidt blowing gear and a 6 cylinder merc engine in the back.



Next a County based Vohl snow blower



And finally a Rolba R1200, fully scratch built and with functioning raising cutter and cab.



Would like to get these finished before the Penrith show just in time for any real snow


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as I use a Schmidt blower as part of my job I will be interested in seeing these at penrith too , I also used a rolba that was mounted on to a jcb 416 shovel with its own Iveco power pack 

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Cheers guys, I believe David that every council in the country received one during the mid to late 60's. I recall seeing one for sale when researching that was direct from Devon council, now I would imagine that saw very little in the way of work! I planned this build about five years ago when one arrived in a local auction, and have also seen examples from Wales and Bedfordshire. I think they showed one working in the highlands on a Channel Five documentary on Snow too a couple of years ago.

They certainly don't look to have much in the way of cabin soundproofing, and the big engine in the back looks anything but quite so I imagine after five minutes it really isn't a pleasant place to be, but they look an impressive beast!

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Northumberland county council had rolba heads fitted to mitchigan loading shovels , there was a rolls Royce power pack mounted on to the rear of the shovel and drive shafts connecting it to the head , these were replaced by a jcb 416 shovel , the same blower head was used but an Iveco power unit mounted up front powered it , 

this was changed after ten years with 410  hours on it , today we have a case ih 215 puma with a schmit blower mounted on its front links 

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Cheers guys

The metal is Tamiya acrylic white as a base where its scraped away the yellow top coat to leave the primer. Then some brown for rust. Then Tamiya do weathering powder in a little make up box thing with a rust, a gun metal, and a fresh metal so the final weathering is with them. 


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