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Right as most of you know I've been tearing my hair out trying to get Rob a black beauty to no avail. So I decided sod it-I'm going to make him one. This is a black Fendt conversion made by me. Based on a Siku Fendt 936. I sprayed it black added 2 layers clear laquer a front weight block that was lurking just on the workbench of the shed. I also bought a little silver touch up pen and did the silver detailing. Rob suggested the chrome exhaust and the open door and window. This is my first proper tractor conversion so please don't take the pi$$! Just for legal reasons I add this is not a black beauty, just my version of one!!!!!!



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I do, saves the cab glass getting all dusty when carting in silage and sh!t all over in winter  ;)

Until the bolts holding on the mudguard sheer off when doing 40k down the road :-\ :-\ :'( :'(

It's happend to many times ::) ::)::)

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