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yet another flatbed !

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they arn't far out really, i have hauled real ones on a lorry before & the boxes fit side by side without going over each side & these are no different on the britains lorry.

& i think marky was building them to scale from mesurements from a real one  ;)

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Nice idea for the trailer but I bet the boxes aren't to scale....who made them anyway?   ;D

cheeky git!! >:( >:(, they are as to scale as we could get them....i got some dims off the t'internet to get him building, we just rounded them up for ease of cutting but it was only a few mm ;D ;D ::)

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How very dare you... I'm so annoyed I can't tyhpeee proppppperrrlllly  >:( >:(>:( >:(



.... Ben you did tell me the right dims. didn't you  :-[:-[ :-[:-[

yeah 6' by 4' by approx 3' high :-\


which is approx 57.15mm by 38.1mm by 28.5mm high....we rounded it up for ease to 60mmx40mmx30mm hence 6'x4'x3' ::)

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Phew... well that's ok then... thought I'd have to recall them all for adjustment  ::)

of course not! ;D ;D.....heres where some one posts 'you got the height wrong'....but it was a guess though from close examination of photos :D :D

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Let you off then... you know what they can be like on here though Ben... some of them can be right paint strainers at times  :D :D :D :D :D :D

Especially that Barry  ;)

i know, but he does let us push into queue's :D :D :D

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