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The Britains numbering system - how does it work?

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Its taken me a while to wonder why, but how does the system work?

I'm guessing the 9*** series was started after 1963, but it does not run in order numerically, some eariler pieces have 95** whereas the later stuff can have 94**,some 96** is there a logic I am missing?

And what does the 4**** series mean?

hope this doesn't earn a numpty

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arent there some that start with zero's???

actually looking at the 2005 Farm & country catalogue its a bit of everything!!

what was the howard manure spreader no.??...was it 9575??...alot of the older modles in there have 0 prefix first!?, why's that??

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When Britians were numbering the lead items in the early years, they left gaps in the numbering system. This is believed to be so that when new items were added they were included in the same categories. I noticed today that the items for 2004 release were numbered 40***. Anything for 2005 release is numbered 42***. Will 2006 be 44*** ??  Have to wait and see. They may still be leaving gaps so that as new models are added they will fit in the numbering system.

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Can't shed any light on the modern numbers - the 4****.  However the old system is roughly as below:

Home Farm 100F  1948 - 1961

Tractors and implements 90**-  1962 to 1997

Power Farm                  93**-  1987 to 1991

Farm Models                  94**/95**-  1962 to 1997

Sets                            96**-    1964 to 1997

Autoway                      98**-    1984 to 1986

Road Series                  99**-    1987 to 1991

Special Issues                50**

After 1997 all codes were prefixed with a '0'

Maybe this coincided with the Ertl take over???  Making them a five digit code in line with their other products???

Hope this helps and that my memory serves!!

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How do again,

Yes the Road Series was inthe Golden type box with the workman and the Autoway were in a yellow hatched box.  As for the 'number plates' Looking at the Landrovers alone the series 3's had BTN 76 on them.  This could reflect the year they were introduced being as the '90' type were probably introduced at or around 1990.  Another theory could be the wheel base of the landrover itself though that wouldn't explain the plate being on other items.


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