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Horse transporter


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Through a ploughed field, down through the quarry, through the river, in the marsh, through a stack of bales, over the silage clamp, over the muck heap and last of all a dip in the slurry lagoon should put it through it's paces eh Rich. Are you taking the cat with you too ;):D;D

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those rangers are fun to drive j dmad,we have 3 at work now replacing the landys slowly.go like stink so whatch out for the speed cameras.not bad of road either,we take them up on the moors to access radio masts ect,and there ain't many places you won't get

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you know these coppers,the are doing people in boats for speeding now so fields will be next,you mark my words,no tractor will be safe again,"sorry sir you were doing over 2 miles an hour while towing a trailers,thats ?50 fine and 3 points" ,ha ha! ;) ;) ;);D ;D ;D

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