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Nar... it's rubbish...





Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - I give in  :'( :'(

WOWZERS... that looks faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic... want it want it want it... Now pwwwwwease make me one as well... bombarding you with PM's as we speak  ;D

The best model I have seen on here so far  :-*:-* :-*:-* - and My favourite Massey of ALL times as well....

Oh yeah baby... come to daddy  :-*:-* :-*

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how the hell do you start a cab from scratch, please tell, i have one i want to do, but can't get my head round where to start it structure wise

                I like to find a photo that shows a good side view of a cab , or a drawing in a brochure , then cut a cab side out of plastic card to match , mostly by trial and error. Get two sides and your half way there, fit the front and back, again trial and error, until it looks somewhere near right and Roberts your mothers brother. Probably not that accurate , but if it looks right I think your 90% there.

                I hadn't thought of using the Hiniker cab off the 4020, how far away would it be? was the 1155 cab manufactured by the same company I wonder.

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  • 3 months later...

:P :P - Allis... that is simply suoerb mate... Oh WOW  :o :o :o

I only wish Siku or Britains would see that and make one in full production... well done mate... WOrds can;t describe how good that really is Allis... proportions... the cab... engine detal... the list goes on.. I could look at that all day... and at the expense of my business... probably will  :'( :'( ;D

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