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been tinkering with this today,after all her diy tasks for me

been meaning to do it for a while now,will be based loosly arround the first pic of a real one

running uh wheels ect with arch extensions and hopefully a set of removable rear duals to, all though that part is proving a tad difficult to figure out at the min, but if i can make them work the same fixings will be going onto the 3690 to for her 


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have decided that i wont be doing any new mf's for a while now, just anything from the 80's back, want to finish my 500 series with the 565 and 95, and also the 690 series to time allowing,

only new one will be a smaller 3000 range to go with the 3690 i have, any newer ones are a no no for me as i dont appreciate them like the older ones i grew up with

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were the wheels easy to fit sean ?

yes mate, i had to file down the axel holles on the chassis to get them in more, but other than that easy peasy, will try and post a pic of the chassis so you can see what i mean, had to take about 1cm of each side to allow the axel to sit through the holes and set right with the floorpan/chassis

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