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Best Product for 2006?

Bill Walters

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very good year all round i think bill, some great models out, and good ones coming, only prob i have found is the steering on the new jd7930's,both version spaly outwards so look horrible ,spoils a good model over all, small thing i know, but on a limited version ? not good ,

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Welcome back Bill

The NH TG305 is a super model. (we won't go into my thoughts on the silly buggers at NH Europe who came up with the T8000 nonsense!  ::) ). The detail on the model is superb, particularly your take on the SuperSteer system. The hitch could do with being stronger, but I prefer how it looks to the way the competition's versions look.

The balers are very nice also.

Like F-P, I too bought a John Q in 2006 - the Precision 8530. I look forward to more of these precision models in the future - hopefully with some in other colours.

I haven't bought the re-released Ford FW yet, but I'm delighted to see these older classics being re-released. Hopefully the David Brown 1690 and International 784 will see the light of day again in the not too distant future.

The only negative I can think of has the potential to be a positive.

Might you be able to make narrower headers for your combines and SPFH models? The extra-wide headers are very USA, whereas in Europe we use much narrower heads.

There are a couple of ways you could approach this, but it'd be interesting if you could suck it and see. The tooling cost should be relatively small - the marketing opportunities quite large.

Great news that you are remaking the Ford 5000. I'm really hoping it will have 14x34 rear tyres  :-*

I'm also hoping that this trend (John Q 4020, Ford 5000) will continue and that we'll see other "world" models from that era being made in 1:32. The Massey 175, 178, 185, 188 series, David Brown (Case) 1200, 1210, 1212, 1410, 1412 series, and International 574, 674, Hydro series.

I'm also very happy to see the upcoming John Q forestry models in 1:32. (Any chance of some more Construction models in 1:32?)

To answer your question directly: What you've done right is to up the detail on your models, introduce some long awaited models (TG/MX), reintroduce some legends, and to promise some interesting new implements in the near future.

What you've done wrong is very little - but primarily; not addressing the hitch issues, going for prairie size machines rather than farm size machines, and not having a complete range of implements (ploughs, harrows, drills, sprayers, root crop equipment, etc.)

What tillage implements can one put on the TSA135?  ; The JQ 7930?  ;  The TG/MX?  ;  The MF 1505?

I can honestly say that in 2006 you moved back ahead of Siku in many respects, although they made a strategic mistake by taking on UH head to head on the Claas Ares and Deutz K series models. That was a battle they were never going to win.

You've done trojan work over the past few years Bill, and it is very much appreciated.

Keep up the good work in 2007, and have a very happy Christmas in the meantime.


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i'm gonna be negative, i dont think RC2 are back on top again or overtook Siku, i think they still have some more catching upto do and it will take them time. They have listened to us and we have seen the improvements but they still have qaulity control issues (UH do as well i know) and the hitch problem to sort out. I havent got much RC2 this year, mainly as the implements havent interested me or the tractors, but the balers are nice all be it a little large, i guess thats OEM's influence again, i hope you guys can releases some of the mid range equipment soon??? ???:-\

SPN has some excellent comments as well :)

I did like the new landrover, just not got round to getting the canopy version yet, but i will ;D ;D ;D

i'm hoping in 2007 i can change my views, you guys have my full support as i've been brought up on Britains and it hurts me when i write things like this :( :( :'( :'(

heres to a better 2007 :) :) :)

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good topic bill

brougth some britain /ertl model this year

landrover good model

case mx310 good model shame about the hitch

jd 7930 good model shame adout the front wheels and hitch

mf1505 good model shame about the hitch and wheels dont look right

8530 exelent model just need some imperlments to go on the new hitch

and out lets cant find models in the shops any where in kent where i live ??? ???

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For me I haven't bought too much this year due to saving for other things but I have bought the New Holland BB-A Square Baler and New Holland TG305 and I was very impressed with both models......Two small negative points however were the hitch and the American style rear lights that stick out of the wings were bent but overall nice models...... :) :) ;)

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Well Bill... thanks for asking... For me it was the 1505.... what an absolute cracker of a model... BY FAR my most favourite model purchase this year... I even bought the USA spec version as well...

Question for you... why the HUGE ommision of details on the USA spec version though  ???

As for the hitch issue.. doesn't really bother me Bill as I simply display mine anyway... in fact... sorry lads.... but it looks nicer like that in all honesty  :-[

If I had a rowing boat and some oars I'd row over there and plant a big sloppy wet limey kiss on your forehead for the model Bill... Luckily for you.... I don;t own a boat... and I can't swin very far  ;)

Merry Christmas to you and all your staff... and a happy and prosperous new year to you all  ;)

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