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Finally done! JD 7020 series frontlift - R/C (pics inside)

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Hello everybody.

I completed the frontlift last week. I had to make the stabilizer in brass to handle the torque from the lift servomotor.

I installed a digital servo motor to raise and lower the arms. Also that type of servo is installed to the rearhitch and the steering. With a digital servo you can program the speed. I wanted that feature to give a realistic touch to the model, as the servo will travel slower than usual to look like oilpressured cylinders.







The rearhitch is somehow 'redesigned'. I wanted the same 'claws' as the frontlift so I had to make new liftarms.

You will also notice that the rearhitch is adjustable by the leveling threads in each side. Sometimes I wanted the implement raised a little in one side to make it level, but couldn't do anything about it. That is history.

Also all plastic parts on the tractor is painted. Ladder, rearhitchparts etc.

(Not fenders, hood and roof)




Now I can start working on the implements to go in front and behind. I will attend a danish modeltractor show, where I will be demonstrating a redesigned (Bruder) LEMKEN 3m Smaragd disc cultivator. Working in wet sand. This soil gives a realistic wiev on how the soil is ripped up. A video will be made at the show.

I also want to start with an Accord/Kverneland Tine Seeder 3m or 4m with frontmounted seed hopper/wheelpress.


Hope you all enjoyed

Anders Kolpen


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