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Problem with Valtra t

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Hey Guys,

yesterday I bought a silver Valtra T at my Toy store. After I removed it from the package I recognized that the windows of the cab are very oily...... I celaned them with some paper towels. Today I watched the model again and saw that the whole tractor is a little oily like that. That is very uncool, because dust glues on it very good. Do you have the same Problems with the T valtra?

Best Regards from Germany


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I think you have to take the rear wheels of and then you have to use a shap knife to get off the cab... I didn't try it yet but this is the usual UH thing.


Pull the back wheels of and use the dremel to take the glue of that holds the cab on  ;)

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Schraub einfach die ?labla?schrauben fest.............. oder ist es ein auslaufmodell ?


i am sure it must mean something really :D :D :D :D shall we have a guess the comment till he tell us then :D :D

mind you i aint even sure what language that is 

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